I was born in Hastings County, so when I walk through a field, I know the names of the wild plants, which ones taste sweet. I know what bird is singing. And in this city, I like the plunging quiet ravines and the noisy variety in the company of writers and readers. By myself, I love the willing surrender that happens when I read, and time flies when I'm writing: is it that late?

     Formally, I have two degrees in film from York University, and taught English and film at the college and collegiate level. Awards for screenplays include first prize from the NFB for How to Call Cows, and more recently, a story "The Happiness" was (parenthetical) magazine's entry for the prestigious 2016 Journey Prize. Look After Her, my debut novel, won an invitation to present at the Leeds International Festival in May 2020, and a story from the upcoming This Female City won the attention of Man Booker judge Emily Wilson who recommended to her 31,000 twitter followers that either Hamilton, the Broadway hit play, or my short story "On Any Windy Day" would be fine companion texts to her translation of The Odyssey. (Me and Lin-Manuel Miranda, right?) An excerpt from the upcoming My Girl Harry won an inaugural Cecil Award in January, 2021.


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                                Hannah Brown, Toronto




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